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Lost password
Posted by StarUpClix Administrator on 08 November 2016 01:18 am

Dear members,

Today we got an unpleasant announcement from Paypal!
Our Paypal was limited without a good reason.






Good NEWS for the members , we will refund your money back for those who invested with Paypal!

The members who got a part of their investments in our sites (StartUpClix & StartUpAdz) will not receive the entire amount of money back because they already got paid from us.

If you want to continue with StartUpClix & StartUpAdz from now one, you have to use other payment processors!

NOTE for ALL Investors members: If you want to do a withdraw
and you received the refund from us, first YOU have to post your Refund PROOF on Forum and second: YOU have to reinvest (the money that you received from Refund) to other processor payments.

At the actual Parallel Add Funds Bonus, you will get 5% Extra if you deposit on Payza, Payeer, Perfect Money or Bitcoin!

Now we understand why other PTC sites are disappearing fast after a couple of weeks.
Conclusion Paypal = PTC Killer!

If have any solutions please post here, we are glad to listen to your suggestion.

We are the first MLM site who are refunding the money after Paypal limited our accounts!

We are here, to be honest with our members!

We wish you happy earnings with StartUpClix & StartUpAdz!

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PS.: Don't forget to vote on EMS!
Best regards,

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